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Encyclopaedia Britannica Dict.A.S.L.G.I.11thEd.Chisholm.1910-1911-1922.33vols.

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Encyclopaedia Britannica Dict.A.S.L.G.I.11thEd.Chisholm.1910-1911-1922.33vols.


Encyclopedia and Dictionary of the Arts and Sciences and Literature and General Information. Encyclopaedia Britannica is the most acclaimed and universal of general English encyclopedias, with a continuous history from the First Edition 1769-1771 in 3 volumes to the present in the 15th Edition. The 9th Edition and 10th edition in 25 volumes plus 11 supplemtary volumes became a scholars edition, and this 11th Edition in 28 volumes, vol.29 Index, and vols.30,31,32 three supplemnt volumes has become the Classic Scholars Edition. An extra volume, v33, is a guide to the set and like the Index,v29, is useful and helpful. The Biblical issuesare treated at length and seriously, and in future editions would be deminished. mjm,2010. (( vol 3 has been replaced. mjm, 2011.)) Below are the files in order and name. I am ignorant of the Skype ads that appears on some of these files after submission.mjm.

01.EncycBrit.11th.1910.v.1.A-AND..pdf 05-Jan-2010 04:42 94299612
02.EncycBrit.11th.1910.v.2.AND-AUS..pdf 06-Jan-2010 05:17 118241117
03.EncycBrit.11th.1910.v.3.AUS-BIS..pdf 15-Mar-2011 04:19 112123985
04.EncycBrit.11th.1910.v.4.BIS-CAL..pdf 05-Jan-2010 05:27 104923429
05.EncycBrit.11th.1910.v.5.CAL-CHA..pdf 05-Jan-2010 05:49 113600623
06.EncyBrit.11th.1910.v.6.CHA-CON..pdf 05-Jan-2010 06:08 110372183
07.EncycBrit.11th.1910.v7.CON-DEM..pdf 06-Jan-2010 05:37 124465637
08.EncycBri.11th.1910.v8.DEM-EDW..pdf 05-Jan-2010 07:13 153333857
09.EncyBrit.11th.1910.v.9.EDW-EVA..pdf 05-Jan-2010 07:29 93868661
10.EncycBritan.1911.v.10.EVA-FRA..pdf 06-Jan-2010 06:06 122983626
11.EncycBrit.11th.1911.v.11..FRA-G..pdf 05-Jan-2010 08:06 116631036
12.EncycBrit.11th.1911.v.12.GIC-HAR.pdf 05-Jan-2010 08:56 123398255
13.EncycBrit.11th.1911.v.13.HAR-HUR..pdf 05-Jan-2010 09:16 126011033
14.EncycBrit.11th.1911.v.14.HUS-ITA..pdf 05-Jan-2010 12:31 117659922
15.EncycBrit.11th.1911.v.15.ITA-KYS..pdf 05-Jan-2010 13:48 126762981
16.EncycBri.11th.1911.v16.L-LOR..pdf 05-Jan-2010 14:47 140176819
17.EncycBrit.11th.1911.v17.LOR-MEC..pdf 05-Jan-2010 15:15 175467820
18.EncycBrit.11th.1911.v.18.MED.MUM..pdf 05-Jan-2010 15:38 86194969
19.EncyBrit.11th.1911.v.19.MUN-ODD.pdf 05-Jan-2010 16:03 106053558
20.EncycBrit.11th.1911.v.20.ODE-PAY.pdf 05-Jan-2010 16:37 118806506
21.EncycBrit.11th.1911.v.21.PAY-POL..pdf 06-Jan-2010 06:39 138539929
22.EncycBrit.11th.1911.v22.POL-REE..pdf 06-Jan-2010 06:57 115389905
24.EncycBrit.11th.1911.v24.SAI-SHU..pdf 06-Jan-2010 07:53 107941327
25.EncycBrit.11th.1911.v25.SHU-SUB..pdf 06-Jan-2010 08:20 148830473
26.EncycBrit.11th.1911.v.26.SUB-TOM..pdf 06-Jan-2010 13:22 153523501
27.EncycBrit.11th.1911.v.27.TON-VES..pdf 06-Jan-2010 14:38 107406039
28.EncycBrit.11th.1911.v.28.VET-ZYM..pdf 06-Jan-2010 15:02 138579455
29.EncycBrit.11th.1911..11th.v29.Index..pdf 07-Jan-2010 06:51 126564824
30.EncycBrit.12th.1922.v30.nv1.ABB-ENG..pdf 06-Jan-2010 16:47 191404607
31.EncycBrit.12th.1922.v31.nv2.ENG-OYA..pdf 06-Jan-2010 17:23 229989964
32.EncycBrit.12th.1922.v32.nv3.PAC-ZUL..pdf 07-Jan-2010 06:19 255097261
33.ReadersGuideEncycBrit.v33.1913..pdf 07-Jan-2010 05:38 17920388

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Reviewer: abenddaemmerung - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 2, 2016
Subject: Voyage into immortality
Great reading stuff. Perfect mirror of the late Victorian mind and its restless searching all ages all space all fancy for "information worth to be communicated". Here's the world as any literate Edwardian wished to see it, and no today's reader can do without it, once he has taken first notice. Nowadays, the world being a century older, not necessarily better, all science has greatly progressed. That should be borne in mind, when reading the great work. It can no longer be used as a thesaurus of knowledge, for all knowledge is liable to old age and perishing. But as a storeheouse of fantasy, it ist without equal. For example, the article on London should not be read as an article on any "real" London, but as an invention of an immortal city far away, to be explored only in the realms of fancy. In today's literature, great and ever growing is the number of novels taking place in Victorian times. These "Victorian times" are no longer historical times, but times in fairy-land. To this Victorian kingdom, imperishable and settled once and for ever in its own boundaries, the Encyclopaedia Britannica is the guide. We may follow this guide, as Dante trustfully followed Vergil into Hell and Heaven. Read the Britannica in this spirit, and you won't be disappointed.- This said, it should be added: The download is perfectly readable on Adobe Acrobat, and searching is easy when you reduce the pages to 50% and concentrate upon the page-titles when scrolling. Unfortunately, the scan suffers strongly from its being hastily performed, and sometimes the fingers of the performing person can be seen, not the text. The article on Alfred Lord Tennyson has been greatly corrupted this way. That's a shame. A literary monument like the Britannica deserves better respect.
Reviewer: Doug P - favoritefavoritefavorite - September 23, 2014
Subject: analysis of e-version
I downloaded the entire EB from this site some months ago, and liked it fine. Now I'm having trouble reading it in PDF form, and I notice I now get a message with each download from 'our beloved Google' taking credit for the availablity! Also I can't get good page alignment on my PDF reader. (Foxit Reader 4.3, which is excellent.) I expect to get it to behave better.
Now as to some of the complaints. The EB 1911 was scanned photographically and thus will never be completely satisfactory. The information is worth digging out.
The Bible reference in the description mentions the serious coverage of that book. This is perhaps more true than the writer knew. It is extensive, but the writers are a mixture of old-school and new. Some are Word-of-God folks and others are liberal in their view of Jonah/Jonas, the miracles etc. In 1911 Darwin had already been buried with honors in Westminster Abbey, a citadel of the C of E, and the Anglicans had already begun to adopt evolutionary thinking. The traditionalists were of course fighting what has become a losing battle. I take a neutral stance on this, only pointing out that this EB is perfect for its time, and thus more valuable to the historian.
Anyway, where else can you find articles on low-temperature physics by Sir James Dewar and on poetry by Algernon Swinburne?
Reviewer: DE2164 - favoritefavoritefavorite - August 30, 2011
Subject: Slowly the set is being placed on Project Gutenburg
I am not sure where they are now with this project but Distributed Proofing is currently creating an ebook version of the 1911 set. Due to the size of the files they are being broken into smaller sections. You can see the ones completed on Project Gutenburg. You are welcome to help by going to
Reviewer: ann Gallagher - favoritefavoritefavorite - August 30, 2011
Subject: Partial index available
I was able to extract a partial index of the encyclopedias which might help. these are all in the Read on line versions:
vol 1 A to Androphagi
Vol 2 Andros to Austria
Vol 3 not avail yet
vol 4 Bisharin to Clagary
Vol 5 Calhoun to Chatelaine
Vol 6 Chatelet to Constantine
Vol 7 Constantine Pavlovich to Demidov
Vol 8 not avail yet.
Vol 9 Edwardes to Evangical Association
Vol 10 Evangelical Church to Frances Joseph
vol 11 Franciscans to Gibson, William Hamilton.
Vol 12 Gichtel to Harmonium
Vol 13 Harmony - Hurst Monceaux
Vol 14 Husband to Italic
Vol 15 Italy to Kyshtym
Vol 16, 17, 18 not avail
Vol 19 Mun - Oddfellows
Vol 20 Ode - Payment of Members.
Vol 21 Payn - Polka
Vol 22 - not avail
vol 23 Medal - mumps
Vol 24 Sainte Claire Deville - Shuttle
Vol 25 - not avail
vol 26 Submarine Mines to Tom-Tom
Vol 27 Tonalite-Vesuvius
Vol 28 Vetch - Zymotic Diseases.

I know it's difficult, but at least we can search these.
Reviewer: mikemjm - favoritefavoritefavorite - March 15, 2011
Subject: Encyclopedia Britannica 11th ed.
I agree with the lamented state of the technology at the present. To find the the right volume you must right click and see its properties; the In dex does not link; short of downloading all volumes and accessing them from your PC it is discouraging. Perhaps a program could be added to Index the Volumes and Contents of such multi vol. sets. mjm,2010. ((Thanks for the alert of corrupt file, vol. 3 a 70 mb file is replaced with a 106 mb file that is good. mjm, 2011.))
Reviewer: blcjr - favorite - February 24, 2011
Subject: Volume 3 corrupt/missing
Volume 3 exists here only as a corrupt PDF, and exists in none of the other formats.
Reviewer: jo.s - favorite - May 6, 2010
Subject: Enc.Brit. 11 th edition, but oh, oh! The tecnical problems!
It's such a useful source for historians like me but I find this e-version a nightmare to access. Why can't the e-index simply list each part (eg Vol 4, part 2, Ban to Boom).How on earth are readers to find their way through it if we have to click on every title, blindly. Some links were broken. I gave up.
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